High Rise Building Automated Cleaning Machines

The added benefit of any Auto-Cleaning model is that it cleans not only the windows, but also the entire exterior of the building. This would include window frames and decorative cladding, such as polished granite. Buildings can be cleaned by simply using RO filtrated water with the revolving brush or the high-pressure water delivered by the Skydrowasher:

  • 70-80% labor and time savings. 
  • Safely operated from roof top or ground.
  • Cleans windows and frames.
  • Windows stay cleaner longer.
  • Cleans entire building for extended life.
  • No chemicals required.
  • No operator injuries.
  • Suitable for glass buildings with any exterior decorative edges.
  • —The Auto-Cleaning can do a day’s worth of window cleaning in about 2 hours.
  • Cleaning width per pass is 120 cm.
  • —The unit travels at a speed of 8 meters per minute, cleaning an area of nearly 10 square meters per minute.
  • Double brush units available for the hard cleaning jobs. 

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